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FX Self Defense strives for client experience excellence! 

David Quijada, FX Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student - 5 Star Rated - Facebook

"Thanks to everybody at FX I am a much better martial artist. FX is an amazing place to train and Rocky is a top-notch instructor."

Sophia Spangler, FX Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Krav Maga Student, WCU Student - 5 Star Rated - Google

"The classes I have attended have always been amazing! From the instruction to the atmosphere, you can’t beat the experience! It’s so nice to have the peace of mind knowing that you are learning how to keep yourself and others safe. I will always recommend this!"

Kim Mitchell, FX Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Student - 5 Star Rated - Google

"I started taking BJJ for fitness and self-defense. One call with Coach Rocky confirmed this is not the smashing, aggressive, win-focused environment I wanted to avoid. He listened and understood my needs, then encouraged me to attend a free class, which I loved! The coaches are knowledgeable, and effective teachers. The environment is respectful, safe and comfortable. Students and staff are committed and focused, on our own personal development and helping others with theirs, while keeping 'fun' on the mat. This past weekend I struggled through a basic move to the encouragement and support of three others who'd stopped to watch and help. All were worlds beyond my current abilities, who could have understandably ignored my struggle for minor accomplishment, and all were genuinely happy for me as I followed their direction to complete the move and achieve it. As a medium-sized, nearly middle aged lady, there's no where else on this earth I believe I could feel comfortable flat on my back with the full weight of a man I barely know on top of me. Which, actually, summarizes the reason I train at FX. I'm developing the ability to 'be comfortable in uncomfortable situations', so that I can be confident and stay safe the next time I find myself in one."

Brad Brothers, FX Krav Maga Student - 5 Star Rated - Facebook

"Fantastic training by Rocky and his folks. Also, there is a great atmosphere there and a very nice facility in which to train."

William Miller, FX Krav Maga Student - 5 Star Rated - Facebook

"It was awesome! Great workout while learning to defend myself. Great Instructors!"

Laurie Bryson, FX Krav Maga Student - 5 Star Rated - Facebook

"It’s an awesome place that offers unique classes and has knowledgeable instructors."

Price Rowland, FX Krav Maga Student - 5 Star Rated - WCU Student - Facebook

"The coaches are super knowledgeable and it is very beginner-friendly. I've learned a ton, and I really enjoy my classes every week."

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