FX Self Defense offers quality programs to fit your needs...

FX Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Programs


BJJ is a ground-based self-defense style that is perfect for real-world self protection. At FX Self Defense, we offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for beginner and intermediate levels, working with you individually to ensure that you are challenged but never in over your head.

With us, you can learn strategies to defend against a larger, stronger opponent in any format, simply by using superior leverage and technique.

FX Krav Maga  Programs


Our Krav Maga classes can equip people of all athletic abilities with a core set of self-defense skills that rely on instinctual movements and easy-to-remember strategies.

Whether you're interested in cutting-edge self-defense skills, a new way to stay in shape, or a combination of the two, we've got the answer.

In Krav Maga, you will learn effective responses to both empty handed attacks and attacks of common & modern weapons. This Israeli system is focused on practical, functional self defense.

Sunrise Karate Programs


Our Karate classes contain a unique blend of functional, old traditional and modern karate. These classes train you in kata(forms), sparring strategies, self defense and traditional weapons such as the Bo (staff), Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku. (Age 7 & older)

We also offer Karate Pre-Skill classes. This Building Blocks class provides kids age 3-6 fun obstacle courses, basic self defense, kata & problem solving skills.

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FX Muay Thai Kickboxing Programs


Thai-Boxing is an art form that utilizes all the body's natural weapons to create a devastating self-defense style, which is as competitive in the ring as it is effective in everyday life. Thai-Boxing is both a sport and means of self-defense. In Thai-Boxing hand techniques from western boxing are combined with elbows, knees, and powerful kicking techniques making it one of the most effective and respected kickboxing forms in the world.

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FX Firearms & Tactical Training


FX provides firearm and tactical training opportunities both in-house and through NSF International. Members have training opportunities for :


  • Basic Firearm Safety Courses

  • North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Courses

  • Israeli Tactical Handgun Course (Tac 1)

  • Israeli Tactical Handgun Level 2 & Rifle Course (Tac 2)

  • And more...


* Some Restrictions May Apply*